Jan de Vries – an appreciation


So sorry to hear about the death  of naturopath Jan de Vries, an exceptional healer and human being. I am but one of what must be thousands of patients fortunate enough to have had their lives touched by him.

I can’t begin to imagine the hours he must have worked – he was unsparing of himself, and used his time to the maximum benefit of others.

If he sounds like a saint, then I think that’s not far off the mark. My first consultation with him was brief, to the point yet still caring. As I babbled on about my symptoms, he just nodded sagely like a wise owl who has seen it all; which of course was the case.

He knew just by looking at me what was required (I had a nerve in my neck pressing on a bone – exquisitely painfully but easily remedied).

I came away thinking – is that it (oh and his fees were minimal). Two days later, it dawned on  me that nine months of constant pain had disappeared.

You just had to sit in his always crowded surgeries to see the acute cases that presented themselves to him. His consulting room had several paintings gifted to him by grateful artists/patients.

It was only in recent years when his health was failing, that he told me that as a child he had been shot by the Nazis – and yet there he stood – calm and spiritual with a wisdom that was both innate and hard won.

The world will miss him but I know he is enjoying well deserved and eternal rest.




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