Hear Glasgow!


Hear Glasgow!

From finding gig venues for young bands in a difficult economic climate, to developing songwriting and stagecraft, Hear Glasgow! rolls out a month-long events and training programme.

Aimed at giving young people across Glasgow access to quality music opportunities and experiences, the programme launches on Thursday 30 August when Glasgow’s finest gigging musicians and industry insiders gather at City Halls to mentor the city’s young pretenders.

The M Word panel covers every facet of the music industry, with key speaker Ciaran O’Toole (Real Radio), and panel members Louise Quinn (A Band Called Quinn), LeeAnne Douglas, Maeve O’Boyle, Davy Scott (UWS, Pearlfishers, Deacon Blue), Clare Kelly (Suspire), Grant McWhirter (YRock) and many more.

The second strand of the day is The Mentoring Scheme, with six mentors and six mentees sharing their experiences of the music industry. Mentors include Lucy Butters (Elembee Events), Angela Cassidy (Real Radio), Andrew Dobbie (Made Brave, Design, Branding & Photography).  Mentees include Alex Saulkin, Ian Sides, Georgia Smith…..(profiles of the Mentees can be found on www.hearglasgow.org)

Gigging opportunities

One of the key issues identified by Hear Glasgow! members, is the dearth of live events where young bands can perform. YRock has a long-standing relationship with venues and young bands and says that there is a demand from the musicians to play more gigs.

Explains Grant McWhirter of YRock: “Economic factors are a key issue. The recession has seriously affected promoters, and in particular, running gigs with young bands is becoming high risk as it is difficult to cover costs through traditional models.

“Most venues operate a 14+ or 18+ license and rely on alcohol sales for revenue generation. Local promoters find it difficult to regularly support young bands, as venues increase the costs of hire, and young people do not have a huge amount of disposable income.”

Now there is an opportunity to add value to the Glasgow music scene and bring a fresh buzz to the city with young bands promoting their music to new audiences. Ignition and Hear Glasgow! are inviting musicians and bands to sign up for live music events in Glasgow’s ClassicGrand venue throughout September – 8, 9 and 15.

Songwriting for practitioners

This session takes place on Wednesday 5 September 9am-4pm at City Halls in Glasgow with gigging musicians from various musical backgrounds who are experience in delivering song-writing workshops to both young people and practitioners.

JO MANGO – a singer-songwriter and session musician who has worked with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Roddy Woomble, Admiral Fallow and Vashti Bunyan and who teaches songwriting to groups of all ages and abilities, with a particular focus on finding inspiration for great lyrics.

DAVY SCOTT – Pearlfishers, Deacon Blue, Head of Music at the UWS.

TIGERSTYLE – Virtuoso UK Bhangra exponents, with productions for solo artists, Bollywood films, and remix work for the likes of South Rakkas Crew, MIA, Jay Sean, Franz Ferdinand, Ms Dynamite and epic live gigs around the world. During this one-day intensive workshop, Tigerstyle will reveal how they put their music together using Steinberg Cubase. Only 10 spaces are available at each workshop.

Songwriting for Schools

A full-day session aimed at P6&7 and S1&2 school pupils, run in partnership with Class Connections at the Mitchell Theatre/Library on Monday 17th September from 9-4pm. The sessions are delivered by gigging musicians from various musical backgrounds, experienced in delivering song-writing workshops to young people. The workshops will be delivered by –

  • JO MANGO – Teenage Fanclub, Roddy Woomble, Admiral Fallow, Vashti Bunyan
  • MARCO REA – The Wellgreen, BMX Bandits, The Book Group
  • LOUISE QUINN – A Band Called Quinn, various soundracks for film & theatre
  • STUART KIDD – Snowgoose, Carol Laula Band
  • KIM EDGAR – Solo singer/songwriter and member of The Burns Unit collective

The River 68's

Here Glasgow! Showcase event

These will be followed up by a day of music workshops and a final Showcase event on September 28 from 9am – 11pm at City Halls. This event will highlight all that Hear Glasgow! has been up to during its pilot project.

Run in partnership with NRFG, the event culminates in a performance opportunity in the Old Fruit Market in the evening, headlined by two established local acts, Suspire,and The River 68’s, plus two local community acts. Tickets are free – visit www.yrock.co.uk/ignition

Concludes the project’s co-ordinator, musician Carol Laula:  “Everyone connecting to Hear Glasgow! is assisting children and young people in Glasgow to enjoy the best possible range of opportunities to engage in music making, whether they are in formal education or through opportunities in the informal sector and through self-directed activities.”


Glasgow’s finest gigging musicians & industry insiders

to mentor the city’s young pretenders

Thur 30 Aug, City Halls

Songwriting Workshops for Practitioners

Wed 5 Sep, City Halls

Songwriting Workshops for Schools

Mon 17 Sep, Mitchell Theatre, Library

Hear Glasgow! Showcase event

Fri 28 Sep, City Halls

About Hear Glasgow! – giving young people across Glasgow access to high quality music opportunities and experiences through the Hear Glasgow! events and training programme and by promoting other opportunities via http://hearglasgow.org including training events, music tutors, careers advice, music classes, funding options, recording studios, new partnerships.

Hear Glasgow! is the overarching name for the music organisation which is made up of two groups: the Youth Music Forum and the Glasgow Music Partnership.

The Youth Music Forum brings together a broad range of people with an interest in music for children and young people and embraces all genres of music. The Forum is open to anyone who is interested in supporting the development of youth music in Glasgow, especially professional and voluntary music organisations, music leaders/practitioners, the music industry, community music workers, teachers and lecturers, music and cultural policy researchers, youth workers and people working in community and arts development.

The Glasgow Music Partnership is an initiative of the Forum and has been created specially to take responsibility for devising and delivering strategic initiatives that are suggested and requested by the Forum.

Supported by Creative Scotland through the Youth Music Initiative.

Glasgow’s Youth Music Forum and Glasgow’s Strategic Music Partnership both operate under the banner of Hear Glasgow!

About Culture Sparks

Culture Sparks is the intelligence and innovation partnership for the cultural sector.  Creative organisations across Scotland work with us because we unlock innovation, encourage experimentation, promote collaboration and make knowledge about people as audiences, visitors, producers, participants and creators real. www.culturesparks.co.uk





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