Daily Record reviewer picks best show of 2013

Open For Everything:Constanza Macras/Dorky Park Glasgow Tramway 27.4.13

I confess that my only motive for turning up at this show in Glasgow Tramway was to review it –  but I’d jumped a bullet train that took me through the most entertaining, moving and memorable evening of the year.

The energy, melodies and straight-from-the heart performances are still with me. If it all sounds a bit worthy, forget it, this was music and dance of the highest order, courtesy of a hyper-magnetic cast of Roma performers drawn from across Europe.  I wonder if we will ever experience something like this again.

Here’s a snipe from You Tube


Here’s what I said at the time.

Wow! Once in a while, you turn up for a live performance with no particular preconceptions or expectations, only to find yourself blown away by what’s happening on stage.

Open For Everything, was an incendiary evening of dance and music from a large ensemble Roma musicians and performers, amateurs of all ages, and dancers from the Dorky Park company.

From the moment the band struck up and the performers climbed out of a jam packed car, the explosion of music and muscular movement ignited the senses, and continued non-stop for the next 100 minutes.

This was edgy, thought provoking and above all, entertaining stuff. In the audience was the powerhouse behind Open For Everything, Constanza Macras, who brought together this talented but disparate ensemble and her dance company Dorky Park to perform in a show that recounts their lives, passions, despair and dreams.

The show stems from Macras’s research into the different ways of life, dance styles and music of the Roma in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Using dance and music to lead us through the lives of the European Roma today, the performance plays with prejudices, clichés, misunderstanding s, similarities, traditions, discrimination, poverty and violence.

It wasn’t just that the performers were energetic and accomplished, they told their stories with each move, sound and expression.


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