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Moorings, Argens Minervo by George Devlin which can be viewed at the Crinan Exhibition

RGI on Tour

A sure sign that summer has arrived, on canvas at least, is the annual exhibition of RGI’s works at the Crinan Hotel, which runs from 24 June until 12 July.

This year’s show features work from Helen Wilson, Hazel Nagl, James Spence, Anda Patterson, Glen Scouller, Ronald F Smith, David M Martin, George Devlin, and Robert Murray, our most recent RGI.

The Crinan Hotel has enjoyed a long association with the RGI, and Frances MacDonald who has run the hotel for the past 35 years with husband Nick, is an accomplished artist in her own right.

The hotel has two gallery spaces, one in the glass-fronted Gallery Bar, and the other at the Sea Lock Gallery by the canal basin, which provide the bucolic backdrop for full programme exhibitions throughout the year.

The Crinan Hotel, Crinan by Lochgilphead, Argyll PA31 8SR Tel:01546 830261





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