Artist reflects the changing face of Istanbul

Sule Ceylan Surface to Depth 15 -26 May

The RGI Kelly Gallery is delighted to welcome Turkish artist Sule Ceylon, whose solo show, ‘Surface to Depth’ runs from 15 until 26 May. This is the first time that Sule has exhibited in the UK, and as a frequent visitor to Glasgow and the RGI Kelly, she was particularly keen to exhibit in our gallery.

‘Surface and Depth’ features bold paintings reflecting  the dramatic changes in Sule’s home city of Istanbul, where she has worked as an artist since 1999, exhibiting in galleries such as the Ortakoy Cultural Centre, the Bakrac Art Gallery, as well as winning several awards.

“In this exhibition I have tried to portray the unseen or flipside of Istanbul as opposed to the more familiar image of the city,” explains Sule. “By abstracting the old streets and slums, my paintings try to reflect the Istanbul that has been changing ever since my childhood.

“I was born in Istanbul and my memories stretch back 40 years. We lived on the Asian side where there were houses with large gardens and wooden villas from the Ottoman period. As our house was close to the sea, we used to swim, sail and fish.

“Then the city got crowded and houses were replaced by apartment buildings. That the population has now risen to 15 million surprises and upsets me; I miss the quiet city that I was born in.

“My art is a protest against the crowdedness and this haphazard urbanization. I started abstracting and portraying the complex density as opposed to the old calmness. My paintings are at times very colourful and complicated, and at times more serene, and sometimes darker. They have changed and developed along with the city.

“It’s a fast growing city. I cannot keep up with it. The last of those wooden villas are tucked in between giant apartment buildings, and look lonely. On the other hand, there is my magnificent, modern and beautiful city… the chaos, rhythm and music of Istanbul inspire me.

“While I miss the tranquillity, the Bosphorus calls me near, so I consider myself lucky to be living in such a city. I hope that visitors to this exhibition will see something of me and my city in my paintings.”

You are warmly invited to join Sule Ceylan for the private view on Thursday May 17 between 5 – 7pm at the RGI Kelly Gallery, 118 Douglas Street Tel: 248 6386.





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