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G12 Woman in Gartymore – turning into Wallander

Munch sunrise over the North sea I’ve finally unpegged my Lund jumper after days of it hanging rigid in the frost like a dismembered body. But I’m wearing it now and have to say that this is the softest it’s … Continue reading

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Come dine with us – A Taste of Clearance Cuisine

A Taste of the Kildonan Clearances While ingredients and recipes used during the Highland Clearances may not instantly tickle your tastebuds the dishes cooked over an open fire 200 years ago have a lot going for them in terms of … Continue reading

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Why I rejoiced in Britten in the broom cupboard

  The radio is almost a constant in the cottage in much the same way as it is my flat in Glasgow, which is why I’m writing this now instead of heading straight out for a walk up the valley.  … Continue reading

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Snow on my Lund sweater

  (sideways image – am told I don’t have rotation tools!) I promise not going to bore you with blogs every day but wanted to share the snowfall, That’ll teach me to leave my Lund jumper on the line all … Continue reading

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A G12 Woman in Gartymore

  I blame my grandparents or perhaps I read too many Lillian Beckwith books as a child. Why else was I sitting in a front of a roaring fire yesterday evening in a croft house high above the North Sea. … Continue reading

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Helmsdale shortlisted for 2014 Creative Place Award

Welcome the Winter Salon Claudia – ink and gouache by Angela J Simpson (£85) I’m beyond delighted that the north east Sutherland village of Helmsdale is on the shortlist for a Creative Place Awards 2014.  I’ve been back for almost … Continue reading

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Save the dates – 2014 goNORTH Festival

Following on from her nomination as one of Scotland’s premier tastemakers at the Scottish Style Awards, goNORTH Festival director, Amanda Millen, has announced that next year’s goNORTH Festival will take place on 4th and 5th June . Former BBC drama … Continue reading

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